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Troubled Teen Gives Pleasure To Old Man
Dale Savage is minding his own business, lounging around the house, when he gets a call from a concerned neighbor and friend. It seems as though her daughter, Keira Croft, has run away from home and she's concerned about her. Although Dale hasn't seen Keira, he promises to tell Keira to call her if he does.Not long after he hangs up, Keira shows up at his door. She's in need of some time away from her overbearing mom, although she promises Dale that she'll call her if he lets her lay low awhile. He agrees and Keira keeps her word, letting her mom know she's safe and sound. Then she shares with Dale WHY she had a falling out with her mom: she was caught with an older man! And now that they're all alone, she has her sights on Dale...
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