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Grandpa’s Helping Hands
Cleo Clementine is relaxing by the poolside, the bright sun reflecting off her bare skin as she soaks up the rays in her bikini. Her grandpa, Jay Crew, soon happens along and Cleo is thrilled that she has some time alone with him since the family's out of the house. Now that she has him all to herself, she asks if he'd kindly rub some sunscreen on her back... Of course, she'll take ANY excuse to get him to rub his hands all over her body!Although dear old grandpa tries his best to be good, he can't help but to pop a boner as he massages the half-naked teen. Embarrassed, he retreats back into the house, but Cleo is hot on his heels. Does he REALLY think she's going to let him go THAT easily? Especially since this is exactly what she wanted to happen all along?
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